Tracks of 2014 — #3 Y.O.U “Heavy Crown”

Tracks of 2014
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I bloody love a good pop belter and “Heavy Crown” hit me right between the ears when I first heard it back in February. You may recognise the voice of Elliott Williams from Airship, whose staggeringly good “Algebra” drips with the tastiest melodic sweat this side of a late 80s basement rave.

The moment I heard “…even broken hearts can tessellate”, I knew that “Heavy Crown” was the kind of song I needed on repeat. It is packed full of lyrics that will haunt you to the grave because you didn’t think of them first; (“It takes more than bricks to build a home”, there’s another). I would like to point you to the myriad remixes now piling up on Soundcloud and elsewhere as, quite rightly, this tasty slice of pop gets slathered up by all and sundry. If you like things a little more downbeat, can I further point you to the Rae Morris-ish “You Are Everything”, btw.