Tracks of 2014 — #2 ††† (Crosses) “Option”

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I knew little about Crosses (….sigh, okay then, †††) before finalising my choices for Tracks of 2014, and who’d’ve thunk it, I quite like what I’ve heard. “Option” (….sigh, no, not “Op†ion”, but, yes, that’s how the title is rendered on the album) seeps along with menace and an undercurrent of heat, all brought up bubbling and smoky in its final section, and I ruddy well love it. The WikiHole down which I fell on researching Crosses was certainly deep: I know now about ‘witch-core’, for one thing, although I suspect there’s a touch of the Nathan Barleys about that actually being not true.

Brooding rock and metal of this kind is just about on the fringes of what I’ll listen to in this ballpark these days. I flirted with all manner of heaviness over the years (and, to my shame, purchased and wore over-sized skater pants in public, for the love of all things holy). Crosses might be just a side project but I’m fully on board, particularly with the chin-stroking emotive tracks like this. I mean, like †his. Sigh.


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