Tracks of 2014 — #1 Katy B “Crying for No Reason”

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Camp is what happens when you give personal fragility a punchline, and whilst that which is “camp” does not always mean that which is “gay”, the two concepts are inexorably linked. Divas (and Disney) know the power of the great big camp ballad precisely because the lyrics of which can be so easily adapted/adopted to represent the struggle for acceptance by LGBT people. Listen to Annie Lennox’s “Why” or Frozen’s big bad coming out anthem…..sorry, I mean Frozen’s female emancipation powerhouse “Let It Go”, two great examples of songs with a centre of camp.

I dare say this has much to do with personal circumstances, of course. Katy B may not have expected “Crying for No Reason” to be interpreted as either camp or gay, but it has a thread of “the cold never bothered me anyway” about it to my ears. I don’t know much about Ms B and her back catalogue, but this is a real whammer of a tune to my ears. Simplistic lyrics strike home a truly heartfelt message, and for all the pop sensibilities, there’s something deeper here which struck me from the start. I ruddy love it when a big, bold pop ballad comes out and shows more than just the knob-twiddling prowess of the producers; this one has true heart and soul, and gave me hope for the year ahead.


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