Tracks of 2013 — #23 Lloyd Yates

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Jersey isn’t just potatoes, you know.

Firm of beard, gravelly of voice, thick of hair, Lloyd Yates has been boosted by plenty of support through the BBC Introducing fandango. Alas he wasn’t helped by me very much earlier this year when I tried to gain success in an on-line forum’s ‘Alternative Eurovision’ contest, where the islander failed to make it through the first round. Sorry Lloyd, I tried.

Looking and sounding like a mix of badgers rights protester, vegetarian cafe owner and 40-a-day smoker, which he may well be, Lloyd is already quite the name on the folk and acoustic stage circuit, for which many an ear should be grateful. High on heart-ache and melodies (and to avoid any legal action, high on NOTHING ELSE), ‘Runs Like Fire’ is simple and complex, light and heavy, offering an outstretched hand but not necessarily for a handshake. That voice, somewhere between a croak and a quack, fills the song with an extra fragility which seems missing from so many equivalent fellas-with-guitar songs at the moment. (How or why did male soloists, particularly, begin to sound all breathless wide boys with L-vocalisation issues and pop diva-style warbling?)

I guess Eurovision glory was always going to be a stretch. Always worth a punt, though, eh.



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