Tracks of 2013 — #24 Biffy Clyro

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Olly Murs (almost), Margaret Bergen (post deleted), Autechre (almost), Katy Perry (post still in draft) – the last place on this In No Particular Order Run Down of Songs from the Year could have ended very differently. Dice thrown, cards dealt, stars consulted, the final place has gone to The Biff. And why the heck not.

In a parallel universe, Biffy Clyro are all over the sodding place. Maybe that’s the case on this planet, but if it is, I ain’t looking hard enough. I know there’s a metric shit-ton of people around the world who go cuckoo bananas for them, it’s just hard to find any corroborating evidence. If it turns out that they’re on the lips of every ASOS wearing music presenter, I’m sorry. (I was going to write “every TopMan wearing VJ”, only that would have made me out to be around 48 years old.)

There’s plenty of songs on new album ‘Opposites’ which works in my ears as flip-side companions to Arctic Monkeys’ latest stuff, and maybe that’s why I’m surprised to hear so much about the latter and so little about Scotland’s Angriest Tattooed Rock Stars (patent pending). I could have gone for ‘Modern Magic Formula’, which  has the faint whiff of petrol fumes and nightclub smoke about it. I would have gone for ‘Picture a Knife Fight’ had it not drifted so far into Foo Fighters territory that I was disappointed not to see Dave Grohl in a dress on the sleeve. I have plumped for ‘Victory Over the Sun’. The usual Biff formula is in place comfortably, and I’m all for that. It’s got the spark, it’s sensible with its use of strings (take note oh so many bands trying to sound earnest by hitting ‘violins’ after the second line), it’s got a proper ending. I’m a happy man.


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