Tracks of 2013 — #18 Veladrome

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It’s been Year Of The Woman, has it not? Another Manchester band too, with Veladrome doing all the things I like when not in the mood for singa-longa choruses. ‘Violent Deer’ is as lo-fi as a wind-up radio but what power they get out of it. All those words music journos are not supposed to use – ‘ethereal’, ‘raw’, ‘inventive’ – burble out of my brain like so much overflow from an out of control dictionary.

“Year Of The Woman” is nothing official, it just feels that way. Maybe all that feminism circulating around Twitter has leaked out or something. You can’t move on 6Music for all those women having something to say, and how many of them with down and dirty guitars and their real voices, rather than that chart-bound robotic warble over on other, less enjoyable radio stations. (Related Sidebar: How ‘Monster’ would have sounded without Rhianna copy-and-pasted inbetween Eminem makes for interesting discussion points while timetabling where this feature of mine has yet to go before Christmas Day.)

I hope Veladrome make 2014 their own. What I’ve heard is worth the entrance fee for Soundcloud, that’s for sure. Vocals calling out over the kind of moody rock guitars usually left for all male shoegaze bands to noodle around with. I’d love to hear a remix of this playing on the softly-softly intro in a kind of “remember when we all listened to Lamb and got frothy on red wine and resin?” sort of way. As you may have heard earlier this month, Manchester is sounding very post-punk-cum-chill-out-zone at the moment, which tickles my fancy and no mistake. Male or female, there’s an interesting year ahead for music from there, out there, indeed.


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  3. Fabulous, have been following Veladrome for some time now, great potential in this band. Let’s hope 2014 is indeed their year.

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