Tracks of 2013 — #17 Alison Moyet

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My pop sensibilities are showing again.

The current index of this Tracks of 2013 run-down should give you an idea of where I stand in the great scheme of music appreciation. No, not ‘rubbish’. come on now. If there’s a chorus so strong it features on the Scoville Scale then I’m going to be all over it. Enter stage left, Alison Moyet, for whom no song is complete without a real whammer of a tune. She’s been getting it right since 1984, and with ‘When I Was Your Girl’ this year has knocked many a lesser singer out of the park.

I make no apology and have no shame in calling this a highlight of the musical year. There is a great serving of honesty and emotion, with a quite unusual structure of the verse incorporating stark, almost bitter, lyrics. It was the lead single of ‘the minutes’ album, and made the lofty heights of number 104 in the charts. I will get onto another artist doing badly in the sales figures later in the run-down, by the way.

(Do the charts matter article coming up……probably)

If I’m skirting around tubthumping for Moyet, it’s because I’m getting all defensive (and this from a man who has already nominated Lady Gaga and Charlotte Church). I’m told that when appearing on a television chat show, David Tennant reacted with the glee of a child at Christmas when Moyet went up to perform one of his favourite songs. I share his glee. I’m rarely disappointed when talented artists release new material (again, I’ll be discussing something related to this statement later on) – I have no apology for being gleeful about this track.


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