Tracks of 2013 — #12 Justin Timberlake

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Almost, almost, didn’t choose this song for the one line “You’re the inspiration for this precious song”. I guess we all know what Timblez is like, though. There’s that one album where he plonked manipulated vocal trickery into every track FOR REASONS and so I assume we’re all better off accepting that he does, quite literally, what the eff-in-ell he wants. And why wouldn’t he, for he’s mother-hubbarding Justin freaking Timberlake. He’d turn Danny Dyer into Louis Spence, just look at the him.

‘Mirrors’ is a darn tooting good song. Grump that I am, there’s something I have against YouTube/album edits (for who can tell the difference these days). It’s the cutaways for impromptu film role auditions I have the problem with. Good anti-piracy technique, mind. Nobody wants to be caught out playing a YouTube rip at a party which includes two minutes of “Pop star chats to wide-eyed bit part actor”. It’s the style of the time, I know, but like 3D versions of 2D cartoons, I don’t like it. So there. What I do like is the song, and what an unexpectedly moving lyric ‘Mirrors’ has too. I’ve heard this described as “Coldplay does r’n’b”, which I’d take as a darn good compliment. In fact, someone mash-up this with “Paradise”, just to prove to me that the version in my head is as good as I think it is.

Having acted like a panic-struck government by bailing out a failing institution (….he duetted with Madonna), JT has not done much wrong. If you want a great big slice of manufactured pop, make it this one.


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