Tracks of 2013 — #6 The Empire State

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Lists are horrible. Landmines of the Internet, ready to explode if the contents of the list are enough for the producers of ‘Late Junction’ to send over an application form; ready to send limbs a-flying if it looks as though the contents have been compiled by only incorporating those single releases that made the Top 20. Lists trap writers into wanting to look both in touch and out the box. They’re here to Brendan in the Social Media Outreach and Digital Presence and Optimisation Department of Rab/Bit Communications can block send his press release before drinks at BrewDog’s new Ruislip and Pinner site.

Or something.

What I’m saying is, I’m including The Empire State in my list of Tracks of 2013 because of the principle belief that Lists Won’t Ensnare Me, Man. Yes, they’re very different from the others included here so far, as they’re unsigned, and a ‘local band’, and there’s no lavish YouTube video other than the one rolling around my head every time I play it (but enough of my simple pleasures).

I rate ‘That’s What You Did’ very highly. A rolling melody sighs along with light-touch melancholy, the shrug-shouldered disappointment of many indie miserablists with the possibility of redress running along underneath. Deceptive subtlety is the key to songs as nicely constructed as this, complexity of lyric and ease of melody put together so it carries itself well. The album from which this came (available still) jettisons the blues and heavier rock influences of its predecessor for much calmer, much deeper material, and flows very well for all of that. To sum up – when all the songs of 2013 flitter and flutter past my ears, “That’s What You Did” holds up very darn tooting well, so of course it’s on the list.

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