Tracks of 2013 — #4 Haim

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I can’t remember whether 2013 is ‘the new 80s’ or ‘the new 90s’, but just like corded flares (out, in, out again, in, far way out, etc.), the concentric circles of fashion to turn towards the black hole of destiny rather than away. Little wonder people are confused.

The question is posed because Haim’s “Falling” is a little from column A, a little from column B, and I ruddy well love the result. The Haim sound has been called all sorts of things – as a former peruser of record label press releases, most of which came from ‘in house’ if you know what I mean – so if you know the song then you’ll be accustomed to its grooves and attitudes. Fusing the soul, MOR and rock vibes from the 80s with, dare I say it, the girl pow….No I can’t….the female-fronted rock of the 90s and sprinkled with pure pop, “Falling” is a true shoulder bopper. That guitar flickering near the end is their equivalent of the sax solo in “Waiting For A Falling Star”, and don’t you deny that for a second.

Fresh and achingly indie (despite the rather large industry backing), Haim have taken the undercurrents and bubbling-under charts by storm this year. Next year should be theirs to take fully.




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