Tracks of 2013 — #2 Savages

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Wise men who knew punk was designed to self destruct have been merrily collecting the various pieces of shrapnel littered through the years ever since. Savages are one of the better female-fronted of the post-punk re-(re?)-revival of the recent past, from whom “Silence Yourself” is a great debut album indeed. Its titles sound as punk should, all sharp and short worlds slapping against the skin, “She Will”, “Shut Up”, “Hit Me”, “No Face”, “No Daddy Stop, I Love It, Don’t Stop, OH GOD YES.”

(Check that last one, Ed.)

“Shut Up” opens with the kind of rambling speech which sounds transposed from a late 90s Britflick about clubbing in inner city sprawl. It sets up an explosive track, flippantly disposed what’s-the-point grabs for the air spliced through with guitars so dirty they just have to be good for you. If the track sounds familiar, then yes, of course it does, but that’s perhaps missing the point. Dismissive, disinterested and with a hint of danger, “Shut Up” reminds us that there’s only the means by which we communicate that has improved over the past thirty years, there’s a lot of society that has been trapped and left behind.

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