“Aura/Burqa” – good/gaga

New Lady Gaga single “Aura” (or possibly “Burqa”, and I can already tell you that subtlety ends there) has been leaked to numerous sites. I won’t host it here but it’s over on Soundcloud and the Idolator site.

If Gaga wanted her forthcoming “ARTPOP” album to cause a stir then an electro-clash headache of a song about oppression of women and freedom of expression certainly does that. Especially if her army of Twitter fans happen to follow the #twitttersilence campaign, they could tie it all together. Of course “Aura” isn’t particularly good a song on first listen. It’s very heavy handed, not so much lifting the veil as covering it in rainbow colours and running down the street yelling “FREE YOURSELVES GIRLS!”. This is sexuality as done by the “Sex and the City” actresses, to be frank.

All I can hear is a messy mash-up of four or five different songs in a very weak impression of Madonna-via-Peaches-via-Jan Moir. Heavy handed and cluttered, overly contrived and very confused. I get the impression “ARTPOP” is going to be an attempt at ART and almost no POP.  Here’s to the inevitable ballad as a follow up “accidental leak”…..