Tall Ships – "Hit the Floor"

Tall Ships’ new single, out in June on Big Scary Monsters/Blood and Biscuits.

Starting their UK tour tomorrow (supporting Three Trapped Tigers), it’s evident Tall Ships have caught the wind (sorry), are sailing in the right direction (really sorry) and will carry more passengers with them (just…..sorry) with the enticing new sound of single “Hit the Floor”. (at least it’s not “Hit the Deck”)

This new one has an emphatic speed, divided into three distinct elements, each more like the sound of passing indie clubs in a speeding car than the last. There’s 90 seconds of throwaway indie funk with tumble-down drums, followed by an incessant dancefloor magnet groove, concluding with a stubbornly effective cut-off chorus. It’s polished as a pensioner’s mantelpiece but yet retains joyous and boundless, little wonder the usual suspects are lining up to assure you all that they recommended Tall Ships to you first.

Clearly this blog is a little late to the party, though no less certain that there’ll be a welcoming party at the dockside far greater in number than when they left….(Truly, truly sorry…)

Listen to new single “Hit The Floor” at Soundcloud

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