The Candle Thieves

Simple yet effective is back, people.

It’s the age of austrity, music is rediscovering melody and none more sucessfully than The Candle Thieves. The duo – from Peterborough, never knowingly infamous for musicians unless you know otherwise – have a straight-forward, innocent side, at turns endearing and naive. “Breathing (Just For You)” is a repositining of Owl City to the shires of England and it’s all the brighter for its playful charm.

The Candle Thieves spent the best part of 2010 on the road with gigs ranging from colourful toytown instrumentation at fans’ local pubs, living-rooms, kitchens and back-gardens to high-profile US support slots for Scissor Sisters, Lissie and David Gray, in-between releasing acclaimed EP ‘Sunshine And Other Misfortunes.’

With all the talk of cuts and budget constraints, why not enjoy the stripped-down simplicity of a darn-good pop song.

I don’t do scores usually, so give the Candle Thieves a luminance rating of “sparkly”.

“Breathing (Just For You)” is released on the 21 March.
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