The Coalition have confirmed the route of HS2, the High-Speed rail route which will drag the UK into the 21st Century [ish] with upgrades to the national rail system which still places us behind European and especially far-Eastern comporable countries in terms of public transport provision. I don’t believe our railways are falling apart – and I say this as a weary Northern Rail commuter – but the drag-heels approach to funding and modernisation is incredibly frustrating. That HS2 will bring rapid rail only to the Midlands and London in a long-term timeframe (the year 2015 to start work seems highly improbable) avoids the question of how Northern and Western England will connect to this ‘capital’ project.

Many questions have dealt with the political aspect of HS2, not least alleged concessions to people living near to the proposed route who may vote Conservative. Disquiet has been reported by those living in the Chilterns who have found their opposition to the route largely ignored.

By way of some alternative point of reference, I asked over on VOTE-UK (a fine website I recommend for all political junkies), to confirm which parliamentary constituencies would be visted by HS2. And an answer there came quickly…

(Colour coding should be obvious…and no, I don’t know how to tables in HTML)

==In Greater London==
Holborn and St Pancras
Hampstead and Kilburn
Westminster North
Brent Central
Ealing Central and Acton
Ealing North
Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner

==Outside Greater London==
Chesham and Amersham
Buckingham [Seat of the Speaker, John Bercow]
South Northamptonshire
Kenilworth and Southam
North Warwickshire

==Into Birmingham==

Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham Erdington
Birmingham Hodge Hill
Birmingham Ladywood