NW spending cuts

Eric Pickles has unveiled his council spending and funding cuts, as part of the Coalition’s plan to reduce the deficit within the lifetime of this (hopefully) fixed-term parliament.

(“Unveiled” sounds like a party piece or end of the pier show. What about….”released”, like “the hounds”? Or “the bees?”)

Over at the FT, it is pointed out very usefully that the important figure to look out for is tucked away in the detail;

…[T]he more important number here is the formula grant, which is the £29bn a year given by Whitehall to local government. It is this number which is falling substantially – by 27 per cent – over the next four years as a result of the spending review.

Using a quick combination of Conditional Formatting and basic self-taught graph knowledge over on Excel (and yet, can I figure out how to do HTML tables? Can I jappery), here’s how the “Formula Grant” reductions break down for councils in my area of first interest, namely and naturally, Lancashire:

*Burnley – 13.8% [to £9.1m)
*Chorley – 14.8% [to £6.7m)
*Fylde – 15.8% [to £4.3m]
*Hyndburn – 13.8% [to £7.8m]
*Lancaster – 13.8% [to £13.0m]
*Pendle – 13.8% [to £8.8m]
*Preston – 14.7% [to £11.6m]
*Ribble Valley – 14.8% [to £3.2m]
*Rossendale – 15.8% [to £4.6m]
*South Ribble – 16.8% [to £5.4m]
*West Lancashire – 14.8% [to £7.4m]
*Wyre – 14.8% [to £7.6m]

*Lancashire Fire Service – 4.2% [to £31.3m]
*Lancashire County Council – 12.2% [to £333.8m]

In raw figures, the Council cuts total is £15.3m

Here are selected figures from elsewhere across the NW;

*Wigan – 11.2% [to £134.8m]
*Salford – 11.0% [to £135.4m]
*Manchester – 10.9% [to £354.1m]
*Knowsley – 11.3% [to £118.3m]

*Cheshire West & Chester – 13.3% [to £96.6m]
*Cumbria County Council – 10.3% [to £158.4]

Nationally, the largest real figure for cuts is £78.4m, from Birmingham CC, followed by the £46.3m suffered by Lancashire CC.

The smallest real figure cuts is £0.4m, seen by Purbeck, West Somerset, and Christchurch councils.