Missives From 2010

Doctor Who came to its conclusion on New Year’s Day. Intense, dramatic, overblown, and just a tad overlong (pause for effect), there are undisputed parallels to the forthcoming UK general election campaign. If the over egged regeneration sequence had you willing Matt Smith to get on with it, you just wait for the protracted election campaign. The other prominent David, Mr Cameron, hopes to be the new face on our screens from March….or May….or June, at the latest.

And how “late” it will feel given the very early doors to Cameron’s “Year For Change” launch this weekend, and today’s rebuttal from Gordon Brown. For those who missed the Prime Minister on Andrew Marr’s show this morning, Brown really did speak in the third person about his chances on Polling Day. Knuckle down chaps, we could be in for a very long ride….

The BBC certainly hope for a Whovian ratings boost whenever the Leaders’ Debates begin, although with the clock ticking and general election drums banging I cannot be confident that the Labour great and good really think Brown is going to attract floating voters to them. And for the record, the SNP leader Alex Salmond really should give up thinking he can drag his sad attempt to get on screen through the courts. It won’t happen, sir, you got what you wished for.

I predicted in October that turnout will fall below 50% at the next election. This still stands. Talk of a shallow class war campaign from Brown will give loyal voters some reason to cheer; the vast majority of British voters already sick of party politics would not be enthralled by the silly talk of the playing fields of Eton.

David Cameron is ‘love-bombing’ the Liberal Democrats. On fairness, environment, civil liberties, the difference between the two parties is a far more vast space than Cameron realises. I did not join the Liberal Democrats as a stepping-stone to the Tory Party; Nick Clegg has my full support, not any wishy-washy talk of ‘progressive alliances’ from an Opposition who remain lacking in policy credibility. If you want your country to be different, vote for the party that’s different.

Meanwhile, from this blog, I hope to retain regular entries and posting. There will be the usual mix and muddle of entries. Maybe less politics, maybe more bad poetry. I wish every one of my readers (hello, incidentally, to my first ever Croatia registered IP address) a very happy new year. If you want to read previous entries from Missives, just use the “Previous Prescriptions” drop-down box on the right….