Glasgow North East by-election

Following the resignation of former Speaker, Michael Martin MP, there is to be a by-election in his Glasgow North East constituency. This will take place on the 12 November. The candidates are as follows, with links and info where available.

In keeping with my policy set out in the Norwich North thread, this blog does not include direct links to British National Party websites or candidates.

Updated 1 November with Scottish Socialist Party link

Charlie BAILLIE – British National Party
Willie BAIN – Scottish Labour Party Candidate
Eileen BAXENDALE – Scottish Liberal Democrats
Mev BROWN – Independent (Fellow blogger Kristofer Keane informs me that Brown has stood in various Scottish elections with different party labels each time, namely thus far Referendum Party, UK Independence Party, NHS First, Scottish Voice Party, and the Jury Team.
Colin CAMPBELL – The Individuals Labour and Tory (TILT) This newly registered party seems to be a mix of traditional Tory, old Labour, and Whig-influenced policy pick-n-mix with some terrible poetry to boot.
Ruth DAVIDSON – Scottish Conservative and Unionist
David DOHERTY – Scottish Green Party
Mikey HUGHES – Independent. Mr Hughes took part in Big Brother. Did he win? I have no idea.
David KERR – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Louise McDAID – Socialist Labour Party
Kevin McVEYScottish Socialist Party – Make Greed History
Tommy SHERIDAN – Solidarity – Scotland’s Socialist Movement
John SMEATONJury Team. Smeaton is the Glasgow Airport baggage handler who “took on” the attempted terrorist attack while on duty with the now infamous words “This is Glasgow: we’ll set aboot ye”.

If there any further updates or links, I will try my hardest to add them.

I wish Liberal Democrat candidate Eileen Baxendale all the best of luck in what will be a testing by-election fight.


7 thoughts on “Glasgow North East by-election

  1. I can't agree with your policy of not linking to the BNP candidate – it's the sort of 'no platform' approach to the BNP that sensible people ditched a long time ago.There used to be a fear that providing information on the BNP only lead to people supporting them – hence the 'no platform' response. These days, I think quite the opposite is true; the more people find out about the BNP and its policies, the less likely they are to support them because it is clear what it is people are voting for.As a liberal, I would have also hoped that you supported the principle of free expression of opinion, even if you didn't share that particular opinion yourself.

  2. Cheers Dan. And yes I do take your point about the "no platform" policy not working particularly well given the BNP's electoral successes recently. That said I am aware of potential dangers of linking directly to BNP sites and supporting websites, and as I am not able to keep an eye on this site all day, I prefer not to have a direct link. None of my rules and regulations are set in stone, though, so maybe in the future, or when I have access on a more permanent basis, I'll consider it.

  3. This is a very odd constituency in electoral terms and there's a pretty good chance that the Greens and the BNP will end up ahead of the Tories and the Lib Dems. Throw in oddballs like Smeaton, Sheridan and Hughes and 3rd to 9th places are impossible to predict!P.S. Your formatting makes it look like I'm a candidate. I'm not! XP

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