Leaflet drop (LibDem/"pizza delivery" interim special)

Sunday morning only got me so far into the usual routine. Before the tenth hour of the day was upon me, a bag was packed for a leaflet drop around Broadgate, Avenham, and Frenchwood. Okay, so I didn’t get to Frenchwood, but only because the unusually close heat knocked me sideways. There’s a lot of hills in Preston if you take the wrong route through Avenham during a mis-judged shortcut.

With no proper leaflet from me yet (naughty) I was given a glossy A5 “pizza menu” type as a form of interim. This style was certainly notable for not mentioning by name the words “Liberal Democrat”, preferring “liberal choice” and “LibDems” instead. Doubtlessly many were thrown straight in the recycling, certainly from the man who opened the door seconds after I had left to bellow abuse with language not often heard on the Lord’s day of rest.

Broadgate and Avenham are very different areas, but for us they are targets all the same. It will be interesting to note how any communication, interim or not, is welcomed by people I believe have been taken for granted for too many years by a Labour Party self-satisfied and complacent. Our prospective parliamentary candidate is Mark Jewell.