hello and goodbye

Twelve boxes already packed. Piles of letters – financial institutions, many unopened, copies of Liberal Democrat News I’ll get round to shredding at some point…A charity-shop set of books ordered by shape and size rather than popularity. Clothes to wear over the next two weeks, clothes to consider donating, or throwing, or wearing for the first time in weeks. Moving house is one of the stresses of life for which evolution did not prepare us – like fixing plugs. Or eating instant noodles. Or caravaning.

Internet access will be sporadic over the next few weeks, so this is an update as much adieu. Or “see thee”, if you prefer. Recommended to buy a “dongle” by somebody over the past week, my Google search brought up assorted images which cannot be unseen.

There continues work to be done. And packing, so much packing. This blog will be maintained as best and far as possible, for the people who visit here (who, incidentally, I want to thank for returning, from Idaho to the Philippines via Uddingston, you continue to make this blog all the better)

Somewhere in the back of my mind clutters and collects dates, financial affairs, and the logistics of moving. Total confusion, in other words, scattered around in a soup of many flavours. I’ll attempt to write it all down at some point….