Focus on turnout

Chairman Nick Griffin (sic) sent me an email a few days ago, the result of some mailing list faux pas which I will not overlook just this once. Its invitation was to the BNP “Victory Rally” at a hotel in Blackpool. Only a fiver, less than the train fare there, that’s for sure, and there’ll be drinks and a comedian (a “turn” in the summer season tradition, no doubt). Democrat that I am, the email was forwarded to people I felt had a great interest in maintaining close links to the BNP and their victory rallies. Good to feel involved, you know, make them feel welcome. Today a second email arrives, full of fascinating details. It’s almost tempting to know what makes a “super star” in the British National Party: do you have to cycle against an Olympian or score penalties at Wembley? There’s a comedian too, Franky Waller. He seems to have nothing on the internet introducing him. He could be very good, of course, go down well at the end of the pier.

Turnout among the welcoming committee should be fairly healthy. Far more than the number of people sat with me in the Annexe Room of South Meadow Lane Hindu Temple last night, as part of the Council’s on-going injured dog ordeal that is “Area Forums”. Started a few years ago with no little Liberal Democrat support, they’ve turned into expensive talking shops, a form of alternative venue for Labour Councillors to chat amongst each other. Two people – including me – turned up, outnumbered by the eleven officers and elected officials. Last week the Area Forum for the western area was held in the middle of a dog show. My cost cutting advice would be to merge them with PACT meetings, but what do I know? Councillors should be on the streets every day and every night, reconnecting with members of the public who need reassuring that local government is not about, well, expensive (£6 per member, per hour, at least) meetings in empty halls.

I know that my email junk filter has never been so valuable. God bless the democratic system…

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  1. Is it not possible that you were on the BNP mailing list for a reason; so you would distribute it to the 'right' people, who would make a scene and they would get more media attention as being the victims.After all the egg stunt when they were making their two seat victory speech, meant Griffin got extra time on the BBC (still covered in egg) saying how UNITE and the Labour party were victimising him.Who won that day?

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