Enough, enough!

One benefit of owning a blog is the free services available to monitor who reads the entries, when, and how long they hang around. Clearly my readership is not massive – around 1,000 a month – so it becomes obvious when readership plummets. Constant repetition of some topics recently, in the heat of an election campaign, have resulted in a sudden downturn in readership and visitors.

My views on the British National Party are quite clear, and have been made more than enough on this blog. I will take the hint from the readership stats, that repetition breeds contempt, and move on from this topic for the time being. I have more than enough issues to write, so while my views have not altered, I understand readers would like variation in topics.


1 thought on “Enough, enough!

  1. 1,000 unique visits per month?? My blog attracts about 10!! If you don't consider your readership as massive, please don't comment on mine lol.Seriously though, I like the politics stuff, so don't ditch it all in a misguided attempt to go for mainstream redership totals.

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