BNP – streetsmart, media savvy, and pathetic

Saying the BNP is a racist group is as obvious as observing the sun is hot. More needs to be done to point out their economic policies, as thin as rice paper. Their education policies are divisive and destructive. How proud will Britain stand as an isolated nation stripped of doctors, teachers, chefs, carers, all stripped of their lives through the deluded prejudice of shallow fools in shoddy suits? Economic, political, and cultural suicide will flow from this Monday, a date when it seems sadly inevitable that the far-right extremists will be sent to represent the United Kingdom in the European Parliament.

Playing the race card is easy, it’s how the BNP loves its rivals to perform. They have been known to talk about council tax, litter collection and speed humps just to underline how everybody else is blabbing about skin colour. The problem is falling into this trap, a clever but easily beatable ploy from the barely reformed knuckledraggers. Corruption in modern day politics may get media attention, but the track record of some BNP members is its own brand of scandal – violent crime to name just one.

A country whose language is living proof of the benefits and product of integration and immigration should not have, waving a Union Flag at a massive cost, representatives from an extreme and racist organisation. A country where music and fashion shows the results of integration cannot allow the isolationist ignorance of the BNP to flourish. They have learnt how to make headlines, what to say on the doors to mask their real agendas, but ultimately retain their pathetic and baseless offensive racism.

In 2008, Richard Barnbrook was lifted to the highest elected position of any BNP member when 130,714 votes took him into City Hall as a member of the Greater London Assembly. One of twenty-five members who ultimately keep checks and balances on Mayor Boris Johnston. However Barnbrook acts the consequences are quite clear – his election gives credence to an outfit without credibility. His election was the result of a particular brand of disquiet with the political establishment; clearly the current climate has fed their particular fire. Ordinary people know how the BNP hide behind words polished far more than any cynical member of Westminster’s club. Enough people need to turn out on June 4th to give weight to their disquiet, to allow democracy to return to a stable footing.

130,714 is a figure nowhere near enough to award the party of Nick Griffin a seat in Brussels. The North West England region is a target for them, with Mr Griffin at the very top; in 2004, the BNP failed to get a seat with 134,959 votes. There are a lot of people between Carlisle and Crewe who feel the only party who represent “none of the above” is the group whose policies would ultimately create a Britain which has never existed. Such ignorance of the island nature of this country is their most pathetic characteristic of all. For the good of long-term growth in the UK, one tiny event must be carried out which will take no more time than writing out an email, a status update, a ‘tweet’. Vote for change, the environment, cohesion. Vote against the pathetic. Vote against the BNP.