The Cities / The Northwestern

Appearing live at Mad Ferret
in Preston on Saturday 6th, two bands to keep up the heat of the summer with intense live reputations stacking up behind them

Local lads The Cities cram a novel of heartfelt lyrics into each song, a veritable thick-fruit smoothie of rolling melodies sweet with the bitter aftertaste of life’s lessons learned. Stand out tracks “Cold, and “Scar”.

The big draw for the night is surely The Northwestern, the uplifting and optimistic band formed from Sam Herilhy and Simon Jones from highly regarded former Sony post-rock outfit Hope of the States. Together with Franseco Menegat, Ian McCullagh, and Jonny Winter, formerly with The Open, the new group maintain the sweeping guitars and orchestration but switch the introspection for sheer celebration. If you didn’t pick up the upturn from final Hope of the States album “Left”, it may take you by surprise to hear “All The Ones”. Beaming and bright, the expression you can see on Herilhy’s face is a smile. You should get used to it, he’s clearly enjoying himself.

The gig is at Mad Ferret, Fylde Road, Preston, on Saturday 6th June.

Picture of The Cities from Michael Holdsworth
Also appearing on the night are Underdogs and The Fifty 50’s