Blood [Part II: Don’t start what you cannot finish]

Or else, should the phrase be, “…cannot complete”? A linguist could explain the difference.

Words of truth, last night, from the heart. Not rehearsed, as may have once have occurred. My mind has been wrestling with the lack of a negative to counterbalance the positive, to such a degree that the only conclusion to consider is the kindness of Fate has been some form of interest free loan.

Through the bedroom window, then, blue sky and the sense of a cold wind. And last night words of emotion, taken from a sense of spontaneity.

From the hours spent worrying about reading in public the words from within these blog entries I now find myself, many moon phases since, unable to phrase thoughts in a similar manner. My walking round town (here, and elsewhere) has been accompanied by a running commetary spoken in the ‘poetic style’, a form of conscious concern, perhaps. Trying to return to a genuine sense of emotion is difficult if it is sensed to be over-rehearsed. Whose judgement am I worried about, in this context?