Blood [Part I: Clouds of notable shape]

The feeling from opening up a pay-slip immediately following a salary increase.
Recognising the sound of falsehood in a voice, but not letting on.
Unintentional rhymes in speech or writing.
Ending a conversation on a handshake, or a kiss.

Whilst setting down these four highlights, if I can call them that, there was no intention to spell out “TRUE” on the left margin. One has to assume it a coincidence, but a happy one, and as subtle a sign of…something as a horoscope or fortune cookie. These are the ‘hunt out the funnies’ type moments.

Reminders of real life fluttered through the letterbox. Dealing with them can occur at some later point; too much of the fantasy (if not so more accurately ‘unreal’) occurs in the waking hours.