Our history is more than comprehension will allow

The news is clearly dominating and all embracing. It has not subsided with time. His name looks like a mis-print, his rhetoric without restraint, his followers are obsessed. Hypnotised by his Messanic manner. A new dawn has broken, has it not?

But the success of Barack Obama is amazing, and it is fantastic. For 40 years ago, his country was divided more than anyone today can imagine. For his country, at the start of the last century, was a nation almost proud of its division and its prejudice. Those of a different colour of skin, of an alien parentage, had no power nor voice. His majority speaks of an earthquake through the history of his country, the United States of Freedom, Honor, and the Fabled Dream.

His manifesto is high on general promises, and his acceptance speech was touched with small print about the ‘long term’ and requests for paitence. He knows the weight of the world is upon his shoulders. Obama can make us all look through the screen and into his sincerity. This could be his undoing, his downfall; a new dawn broke over the United Kingdom in 1997 in ways very similar to the events in 2008.

He deserves his chance, his right to lead the one last (and chipped, broken, un-secure) superpower. From January 2009, he will have to take his promises and turn them into action. In this age of instant news, instant analysis, there will be no time to hesitate, no chance to turn around. And maybe there is some bigger issue here. Generations of people will be ignorant of the historic change here. Only so many people will comprehend how important this election is within the context of an America torn apart by issues of race. Hurricane Katrina showed that divisions along race lines still score deep wounds within the skin of Uncle Sam.

Can we understand, fully comprehend, the force of democratic will and its consequences? The lives of people outside the USA may not be touched directly by Obama, but touched they will eventually. Voices of change will echo across the air. As a storm of destruction, or winds of change; hope as strong as steel will now be stretched across the seas.