Q&A – House On Fire

Obvious one first, really. Why did you enter BOTB – what did you hope to get out of the contest, and have you enjoyed your heats?
Yeah, the heats have been wicked. We entered because we needed to play some more gigs as we only became a gigging band as of April this year!

For those in the audience who may not know you that well, how would you describe your band and the music?
The loudest three piece you’ll probably (maybe) ever hear. Rocking tunes, sing along choruses and catchy hooks.

How do you tend to practice and write songs – every waking hour or as-and-when?We write and practice when we’re together. twice a week usually.

So you’re stuck in a lift for an hour. How do spend the time before help arrives?Russian roulette.

Do you tend to keep your influences close or separate from the music you’re writing at the moment? How have your influences shaped your current set?
Fairly close to some of the songs – Foo Fighters play a big influence in this band, as does Clutch, but we definately try to inject a hint of originality in our tunes.

This contest is one of the many gigs going on in Preston – what are your opinions of the scene we have here? Would you spend more or less time gigging here after your experiences at the BOTB?
The scene at the moment is great – Ed at Hedmag does a top job booking cool out of town bands and I just think it needs a little kick up the arse to get back in gear again. Due to circumstances we won’t be gigging as much but we will still be around with an album coming out at the end of the year… hopefully.

Where’s the best place to get a drink round here, anyway?
Rob Clarke’s house.

If you had the chance to put on a gig with a local band and one of your favourite all-time groups, who you would choose, and why?
I would get every decent guitar player to pal up and do an acoustic set supporting the Dave Matthews Band. No reason other than that it would be awesome.

Win or lose the BOTB final, where you going to be this time next year?
Outer space.