Opening windows in the House of Pomegranate

The pull and flux of friendship. The problem is that these concerns cannot be written in full detail, even though my traditional diary does not feature any words or thoughts in almost two weeks. What is stopping me? Be it laziness or procrastination the honesty requires in any of these diary forms is clearly missing.

In its own way fate has been kind. Nothing too outrageous. The tenuous links through time, which I feel with my fingertips, feeling like soothing burns. Tales of the heart can await the end of my anxiety towards writing down true feelings. There exists issues with matters of love, insofar as my characteristic mishandling of matters emotional continues to confuse and disappoint. I have no confidence in myself in this regard. When it comes to relationships I am an amateur failing to qualify at the first heat.

From here, no doubt some solutions will fall into place, while other pieces with refuse to fit. For matters of friendship and of the heart are never easily resolved. If the solution on the other side of the equals sign becomes more clear, or if I find something more than love, I will tell you at the earliest.