Quarter Final 3

The third Quarter Final in the LEP supported Battle of the Bands had just about every ingredient for a top class gig in the hunt for the best local talent.

Three-piece Boy Genius run amok with wicked short-shrift choruses and considered melodies, heavy riffs shining out throughout the set in a highly strong aim for the final. Without any unnecessary gimmicks, their songs remain swirling around the head for some time after they’ve done putting the best of pop back into cut-glass rock. Their closest rivals in the confidence stakes must be House On Fire, whose set may not have the stand-out song needed to tie the set together but there’s enough technical talent to command concentration. Heavy rock guitars and thunderous drums make for some seriously smart choices, with the judges considering these two bands had done enough to make it to the semi finals.

With hints of the grunge amongst the melodic rock, Makers Of Venice belted out a set much heavier in character than their successful first heat. This collection of sharp rock songs reflected back the lights of cynicism and free will, broken up verses buttressing crashing solos in a style at odds with the initially melodic mood. Indie lads Innocents Abroad have a collection of interesting, well-phrased songs, in the wordsmith tradition, but the order of the set list knocks the emotion around a bit, leaving a slight sense of underwhelming confusion. Their obvious confidence suggests better things could well arrive.