Quarter Final 1

The first of the LEP supported Battle of the Bands Quarter Finals at Preston’s The Venue was a hard rock affair, with angst and attitude turned up to its fullest.

Kicking off by throwing all their weight towards the bright lights of the Semi Finals, Blunt Force Trauma lived up to their name, launching into brutal trash metal with all the subtlety of a thunderstorm. At their best when complex guitar riffs are rolled across the stage in a fest of gruesome vocals and windmill moshing, coming across all the more genuine for it.

Guitar heroes Without Motive improved on their first round show by turning out a highly enjoyable set. A markedly different and rounded number of songs kicked the proverbial ball into touch, their set balancing an archivist’s ear for classic riffs with a youthful vigour for melodies.

Little about nu-rave phenomenon Myth Of Unity surprises, firing up the neon lights and urban groove. A little clumsy at times, they are usually more balanced than tonight, they still create a lasting and exciting impression.

There has not been such a large group of Lancastrians at a Gallows Gate since the Pendle Witch Trails, but the crowd watching the indie rockers got a lot back, the neat little set really firing up an impressive mix of songs with an undercurrent of menace.

They and the rocking rabble from Myth Of Unity got the tickets to the next round.