Heat 8

The latest round of the LEP supported Battle of the Bands, at Preston’s The Venue, was a top drawer event with the four bands in the last first round heat not giving an inch as they aimed for the top two places.

Rock band Exit State have a confidence running all the way through, songs drawn from the very best of rhythm and melody, brought together with the kind of strong vocal often not heard in a predominately heavy metal group. Their better songs have no problem with catchy melodies not diluting the guitar action, using the best ingredients from pop to flavour their impressive rock sound. Balancing the rock beats with insatiable appetite for top class choruses seemed an easy task for Boy Genius, the three piece whose post-punk sound shared with Exit State the ability to mix the angriest lyrics with the hottest melodies.

The Boy Genius had confidence in spades, with the songs to match, which reflected not just in the warm appreciation for their set but also in their qualification for the next round.

The youth wing of Preston’s scene was represented by The Renovators, who had a terse anger about them, but the vocals tended to be shouted rather than sung. By under-using synths underneath the guitars any variety was merely hinted at rather than utilised to the full. Vicariux threw together occasionally brilliant mood music with confused additions of vocals and images, working in sporadic fits and starts.