Different characters

No words against the torn-off calendar days. My mistake. Laziness, conceited arrogance. Something related. Secrets words like these, mind, have no place in discussion. Write the future, control the past. Such and so on.

Creating enemies is my new game. It drains my soul. Nothing under my own control, as much of a lie as that may sound. Reflex reactions. Arguments soon follow, as does the loosening of connections between friends. Consequences fall as dominos. Knock the table, call it the end. Any cloud cover is night-time. Flirtation of the orbit, passing of people and their places. Everybody is changing, and no-one likes it when you change. Least of all, me.

Choices, therefore, are plentiful. I must wipe clean more than just the slate. Bathe in more than clever words, such as mine are. Take nothing for granted, if that is not too late. Easier types than acted upon. Are you friends now? asks the Old Wise Woman…

William has no description. At the moment, he has woken up, and done little for four days. I’ll explain this in flashback, to embolden (or improve upon) the currently clumsily written sex scenes and dream sequences. He has been stopped in the middle of a chase sequence, because I cannot write chase sequences, and because the character he will meet will have to speak to him, and I ain’t too hot on dialogue either.

William will meet Chi, who I will create as a Chinese type thrown into the unusual world for reasons I have not yet created. His first friend will be Neya, who will be re-constructing the wall outside the destroyed city (Neya’s Mile Wall, you see, it’s supposed to be clever).

In flashback, we have seen referenced The Genk, who is only ever referred to italicised, for reasons I cannot fathom. One of his past women is Fiona, who is set on fire during a dream sequence. The other is called Mâa, whose name I cannot pronounce. She speaks in italics during the sex sequences I cannot write. There are lots of euphemisms which are blushing but not childish.

The characters I need to introduce may suggest William has been transported to a far-off world where his past drink and drug lifestyle is being judged for, say, 40 days, and, say, Chi is some kind of Lucifer (a name change would help with this, I can do anagrams), and then, say, after 40 days William wakes up at hospital, or at once, or in hospital without memory, or with too many memories; either would drive him mad. Or else he is already mad. The dream sequences could be the reality, say.

The characters I need to introduce may suggest William has been killed, and this is Heaven, but not Christian Heaven. A new kind. Cererean, say. Or the characters I need to introduce just need to improve the book, which does not read very well.

No bees have yet died in the proceedings. This could be a good element to include. People like bees, and bees are all dying off, which is showing how good I am at putting my finger on the pulse. I could have William vomit honey, say, or turn into a bee. Mâa could be his Queen. Or Fiona, who wasn’t really on fire during the dream sequence; the yellow and orange flashes was her metamorphosis into a bee.

The character I need to sort out is my own, mind. Saying all this.