to talk about, you know, stuff….and that

Bah…No, actually. Start again.

Woo. A strange weekend, and things haven’t improved entirely. A version of me more confident about writing openly on blogs* would go through the reasons why, but then that would only cuase….issues. So…there are about…three, or at the most four, current problems. One is my financies, then there’s the house, then…certain grouped sub-problems I’ll label “of the heart”….then a separate group I’ll call “of the mind, body, and spirit”. This does read very playground, I know, but given the readership of this blog is probably no more than a dozen, I doubt it really matters.

I am usually a little lighter than this. I have made one definate decision; not to stand for election this year. I know our local party is financially crippled, at a general loss of membership, and needs all the help it can possibly get, but I just cannot go through all the leg work for another disastorous loss. I’ll support all the other LibDems here, because I believe we have a viable programme for the city, but standing again when my personal life is at such a position would do nobody any good…

I am upbeat about an upcoming gig, for which I will submit a review for the local paper. The woman who agreed to me doing it has not yet confirmed the full score on details, so I’ll have to push her on this tomorrow. It feels very good to be writing for a purpose, and not just robotic rent-a-quote speil for local websites. Yeah, I am grateful for them but…well, certain people…..certain people, and et cetera.

I need a computer at home. It is quite bizarre, laughable, and perhaps suitably “left field” for a wannabe journo to be reduced to using a free Internet booth at snatched moments in a windy, exposed railway station. If “Aim 1” for this year is to find a place of my own to live – rented, natch, with one or two friends, “Aim 2” is a home PC, with reliable broadband Internet access. For now, though, I need to walk home.