Right, I think my new year starts…..Now. Or then. It is best pratice to not replicate here what I write either a) in my diary; or b) on my other blog. No, actually, I could do the latter, for all that would achieve. I think most of the subjects have been flogged donkey fashion before, so quite why they are needed again..

So, yeah, credit cards. With the interest rate at 5.25%, and my bank more likely to pass on that than give my ISA a boost (the piggs fly o’er the moon), drastic action is needed. Some of you know this already. Part I of Plan B is to give my c/c to my mate, who will ensure (as far as is practicable) my complete transformation from spender to saver is put at the central post of thias year’s developments.

I am better, but not well. So many dreams. They crash into morning, and jolt me awake. The lonliness is a tightening belt. All my hopes are….well, the dreams must first be tamed. Questions need answers.

Yesterday, I showed problems still persist with my temper, and my paranoid tendencies. Whispers drown the sound. Another echo from times past. Solutions come.

It’s a new year. Again, again. I have the character but yet no place to act.