sit down/stand up

Ugh this is quite daft. Thinking about other people thinking about what I may be thinking….blah de blah. It’s not how I wanted to grow old…Suddenly I am nursing my dreams back to sleep. Troubled dreams…I dunno what all this is about. Moving somewhere, in some bizarre staged direction. Possibilities all lying underneath the pull of the current.

Fate, her sister Fortune, and far-flung cousin Serendipity are all overhead, meanwhile, moving the chess pieces in spite of me. Good lessons learned. My friends are not all demons, they understand. I just wish that understanding could…would?…settle my own concerns. It’s so daft, all this. I never wanted to be a burden, but that is what I have become. When I attempt politeness I just come across rude. And so now the shaky buildings are all crumbling.

Upbeat, damn it, upbeat.