you don’t need a weatherman…

It’s all going quite crazy round here, even for me, and nothing happens to me. Good friends setting off on their own adventures (one of whom has done so literally, taking off to the Colonies), and I find readjusting to my living arrangements, and it all flurries around like so many spinning plates.

This year has been due a round up given the extremes of brilliance and sadness which has whipped around stormlike almost from the very first click of New Year. Maybe I need to revisit the diary to get a grip on memory, and then begin a retrospective of sorts.

If there is a lesson in this madcap life on this troubled planet, there has to be a way to summarise it without instantly invalidating it by using “maybe”…there must be a way of knowing which way the wind is blowing without suffering a blow to the head from a passing branch, too. It could well be that I am analysing nothing to invent solutions to non-existent problems. Would you say that was like me, at all…?