One step forward…

Technology, wonderful. This site was snail-crawl yesterday, making any transfer of existing blog content impossible. Now, with an early morning numbness in the head I can only just be bothered to…heh, never mind.

Funny dreams, not sure how to describe them. Something about coinage still seems clear, but nothing else, although sleep came sudden and hard. Half way through Poirot I was snoozing, waking up only to stumble into bed. I have still not done a “proper shop”, so food is down to tins I can do nothing with, or bread, or coffee, so if I don’t get too distracted by the last day of freedom I need to do something. Other silly things disrupt the mind, but I’ll get through them with the usual bumbling uncertainty.

Next, then, moving in to here. There are some entries which are not “time specific”, so that makes it easier. Just need to be made comfy here, not sure how to settle in the place. Onwards, though, ever onwards.